Migrator & Importer – $1599/Year


FTP Attachments® Migrator is a web based tool which can export your existing Salesforce attachments to FTP Attachments® with just a few clicks. This tool is ideal if you have exceeded the Salesforce storage limit and would like to switch to FTP Attachments®. Many customers also use this for archival and automation purposes.


•  Supports up to 1000 Salesforce attachments migration in one go
•  Salesforce attachments migrated to FTP Attachments® are deleted and kept in Recycle bin of Salesforce
•  User can provide filters using which the Migrator will only export only those files that have been defined under the filter
•  Provides status of each file migration in the browser


FTP Attachments® Importer is a command line tool based on C# console application. It can import files from your local computer to FTP Attachments®This tool is ideal if you are migrating from some other system to Salesforce. The Importer tool can also be used this for automation.


•  Can import upto 1000 files in a single run
•  File successfully imported are moved to a success folder
•  Detailed log output to find status of all records and errors if any
•  Command based tool can be invoked from the Task Scheduler for automation

Email2Case – $399/100 Users/Year

Email2Case is a java based tool, which can convert inbound emails to cases automatically. This tool has been modified to support FTP Attachments®.If you are using Email 2 Case agent and would like the attachments to be attached as FTP Attachments® this tool will do it for you.


•  It works same as a standard salesforce Email-to-Case
•  Can support upto 25 MB file size in the email attachment
•  Can send email with the attachments and attachments will reflect as FTP Attachments® on Case
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