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FTP Attachments® Pro

FTP Attachments® Pro edition provides a complete gamut of features that will benefit every organization who uses this application. It is an ideal product for an organization having Salesforce Professional, Enterprise,Developer and Unlimited edition and looking for a faster and more secure way of sending and receiving information over salesforce.


•  Supports up to 2GB file size for certain storage servers
•  Detailed progress bar and status gives feedback to the user on the file being uploaded/downloaded
•  Attachments are automatically versioned so that older versions are stored chronologically and can be viewed at will
•  Run Salesforce reports on FTP Attachments®
•  Allow or restrict files based on extensions
•  API access to your attachments for 3rd party integration
•  FTP Attachments® can save your files on relevant servers based on the criteria defined by the user (e.g. as per the region, object, date etc. attachment can go on different storage servers)
•  Detailed audit information on file viewing and access
We provide 30 days Free Trial for FTP Attachments™ Pro license product


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